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Found In: Imam Malik's Muwatta Chapter No: 14, The Qibla
Hadith no: 6
Yahya related to me from Malik from Abdullah ibn Dinar that Abdullah ibn Umar said, "On one occasion when the people were praying subhat Quba a man came to them and said, 'A piece of Qur'an was sent down to the Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, last Night, and he was ordered to face the Kaba, so face it." 'They had been facing ash-Sham, so they turned round and faced the Kaba.'
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Found In: Sunan Ibn Majah Chapter No: 9, The Book of Fasting
Hadith no: 1653
Narrated: Umair bin Anas bin Malik
"My paternal uncles among the Ansar who were among the Companions of the Messenger of Allah (saw) told me: ‘The new crescent of Shawwal was covered with clouods, so we fasted the next day. Then some riders came at the end of the day and testified to the Prophet (saw) that they had seen the new crescent the Night before. The Messenger of Allah (saw) commanded them to break their fast and to go out to offer the Eid prayer the following morning.’" Sahih
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Found In: Sahih Muslim Chapter No: 1, Faith (Kitab Al Iman)
Hadith no: 323
Narrated: Abdullah bin Umar
that the Messenger of Allah (may peace be upon him) said: I found myself one Night near the Ka'bah, and I saw a man with wheat complexion amongst the fair-complexioned men that you ever saw. He had a lock of hair the most beautiful of the locks that you ever saw. He had combed it. Water was trickling out of them. He was leaning on two men, or on the shoulders of two men, and he was circumscribing the Ka'bah. I asked, What is he? It was said: He is al-Masih son of Mary. Then I saw another person, stout and having too much curly hair, and blind in his right eye as if it was a full swollen grape. I asked Who is he? It was said: He is al-Masih al-Dajjal.
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Found In: Sunan Ibn Majah Chapter No: 11, The Chapters on Marriage
Hadith no: 1912
Narrated: Sahl bin Sad As-Saidi
"Abu Usaid As-Saidi invited the Messenger of Allah (saw) to his wedding, and the bride herself served them. She said: 'Do you know what I gave the Messenger of Allah (saw) to drink? I had soaked some dates the Night before, then in the morning I strained them and gave him that water to drink.' "
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Found In: Sahih Bukhari Chapter No: 8, Prayers (Salat)
Hadith no: 462
Narrated: Ibn Umar
A man came to the Prophet while he was delivering the sermon and asked him how to offer the Night prayers. The Prophet replied, 'Pray two Rakat at a time and then two and then two and so on and if you are afraid of dawn (the approach of the time of the Fajr prayer) pray one Rak'a and that will be the with for all the Rakat which you have prayed." Narrated 'Ubaidullah bin 'Abdullah bin 'Umar: A man called the Prophet while he was in the mosque.
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Found In: Sahih Bukhari Chapter No: 10, Times of the Prayers
Hadith no: 544
Narrated: Ibn Shihab from Urwa
Aisha said, "Once Allah's Apostle delayed the 'Isha' prayer till 'Umar reminded him by saying, "The prayer!" The women and children have slept. Then the Prophet came out and said, 'None amongst the dwellers of the earth has been waiting for it (the prayer) except you." Urwa said, "Nowhere except in Medina the prayer used to be offered (in those days)." He further said, "The Prophet used to offer the 'Isha' prayer in the period between the disappearance of the twilight and the end of the first third of the Night."
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Found In: Sunan Ibn Majah Chapter No: 13, The Chapters on Expiation
Hadith no: 2136
Narrated: Ibn Abbas
Messenger of Allah (saw) passed by a man in Makkah who was standing in the sun. He said: "What is this?" They said: "He vowed to fast and not to seek shade until Night comes, and not to speak, and to remain standing." He said: "Let him speak and seek shade and let him sit down, but let him complete his fast."Another chain from Ibn Abbas, from the Prophet (saw), with similar wording. expiation for breaking an oath."
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Found In: Sunan An-Nasai Chapter No: 5, The Book of Salah
Hadith no: 452
Narrated: Abdullah
“When the Messenger of Allah (saw) was taken on the Night Journey, he came to Sidrah Al-Muntaha, which is in the sixth heaven. That is where everything that comes up from below ends, and where everything that comes down from above, until it is taken from it. Allah says: When what covered the lote-tree did cover it!. [53:16] He said: “It was moths of gold. And I was given three things: The five daily prayers, the last verses of Surah Al-Baqarah, and whoever of my Ummah dies without associating anything with Allah will be forgiven for Al-Muqhimat.”* (Sahih) *“The sins of the worst magnitude that drag one into the Fire.” (An-Nihayah)
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Found In: Sunan Abu Dawood Chapter No: 2, Prayer (Kitab Al-Salat)
Hadith no: 421
Narrated: Muadh bin Jabal
We waited for the Prophet (peace_be_upon_him) to offer the Night prayer. He delayed until people thought that he would not come out and some of us said that he had offered the prayer. At the moment when we were in this condition the Prophet (peace_be_upon_him) came out. People said to him as they were already saying. He said: Observe this prayer when it is dark, for by it you have been made superior to all the peoples, no people having observed it before you.
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Found In: Sunan at-Tirmidhi (Jami-al-Tirmidhi) Chapter No: 2, Salah (Prayers)
Hadith no: 242
Narrated: Abu Said Al-Khudri
that when Allah's Messenger (SAW) stood up for salah in the Night, he would call out the takbir (Allahu Akbar). Then, he would say: "O Allah! You are without blemish, and with your praise. Your name is Blessed and your Glory is exalted. And there is no God besides you." Then, he would say, "Allah is the Greatest. The Greatest, indeed."Then, he said: "I seek refuge in Allah, the All-Hearing, the All-Knowing from the rejected devil from his goading, blowing his breath and his spittle (to cause evil)." [Ahmed 11657, Abu Dawud 775, Nisai 895, Ibn e Majah 804]
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