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Found In: Sahih Bukhari Chapter No: 11, Call to Prayers (Adhaan)
Hadith no: 578
Narrated: Ibn Umar
When the Muslims arrived at Medina, they used to assemble for the prayer, and used to guess the time for it. During those days, the practice of Adhan for the prayers had not been introduced yet. Once they discussed this problem regarding the call for prayer. Some people suggested the use of a bell like the Christians, others proposed a trumpet like the horn used by the Jews, but 'Umar was the first to suggest that a man should call (the people) for the prayer; so Allah's Apostle ordered Bilal to get up and pronounce the Adhan for prayers.
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Found In: Sahih Bukhari Chapter No: 28, Pilgrims Prevented from Completing the Pilgrimage
Hadith no: 34
Narrated: Nafi
That Ubaidullah bin Abdullah and Salim bin Abdullah informed him that they told Ibn 'Umar when Ibn Az-Zubair was attacked by the army, saying "There is no harm for you if you did not perform Hajj this year. We are afraid that you may be prevented from reaching the Kaba." Ibn Umar said "We set out with Allah's Apostle and the non-believers of Quraish prevented us from reaching the Kaaba, and so the Prophet slaughtered his Hadi and got his head shaved." Ibn Umar added, "I make you witnesses that I have made 'Umra obligatory for me. And, Allah willing, I will go and then if the way to Kaba is clear, I will perform the Tawaf, but if I am prevented from going to the Kaba then I will do the same as the Prophet did while I was in his company." Ibn Umar then assumed Ihram for Umra from dhul-Hulaifa and proceeded for a while and said, "The conditions of 'Umra and Hajj are similar and I make you witnesses that I have made 'Umra and Hajj obligatory for myself." So, he did not finish the Ihram till the day of Nahr (slaughtering) came, and he slaughtered his Hadi. He used to say, "I will not finish the Ihram till I perform the Tawaf, one Tawaf on the day of entering Mecca (i.e. of Safa and Marwa for both Umra and Hajj)."
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Found In: Sunan An-Nasai Chapter No: 3, The Book of Menstruation and Istihadah
Hadith no: 361
Narrated: Zainab bint Jahsh
“I said to the Prophet (saw) that I was suffering from Istihadah. He said: 'Do not pray during the days of your period, then perform Ghusl and delay Zuhr and bring 'Asr forward and pray; then delay Maghrib and bring 'Isha' forward and pray them together, and perform Ghusl for Fajr.” (Sahih)
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Found In: Sunan Ibn Majah Chapter No: 9, The Book of Fasting
Hadith no: 1656
Narrated: Abu Hurairah
that the Messenger of Allah (saw) said: ‘How much of the month has passed?" We said: "Twenty-two (days), and there are eight left." The Messenger of Allah (saw) said: "The month is like that, and the month is like that, (and the month is like that), three times, and he withheld one finger the last time." Sahih
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Found In: Sunan Ibn Majah Chapter No: 7, The Chapters of Establishing the Prayer and the Sunnah Regarding Them
Hadith no: 1073
Narrated: Abdur-Rahman bin Humaid Az-Zuhri
"I asked Sa’ib bin Yazid: ‘What have you heard about staying in Makkah?’ He said: ‘I heard ‘Ala’ bin Hadrami say: "The Prophet (saw) said: ‘Three (days) for the Muhajir after departing (from Mina).’"* Sahih
Relevance: 2.2190637588500977

Found In: Sunan Ibn Majah Chapter No: 12, The Chapters on Divorce
Hadith no: 2059
Narrated: Aishah
"The Messenger of Allah (saw) swore that he would not enter upon his wives for a month, and he stayed for twenty-nine days until, on the eve of the thirtieth, he entered upon me. I said: 'You swore not to enter upon us for a month.' He said: 'The month may be like this,' and he held up his (ten) fingers three times; 'or the month may be like this,' and he held up his fingers three times, keeping one finger down on the third time."
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Found In: Sunan Ibn Majah Chapter No: 8, Chapters Regarding Funerals
Hadith no: 1636
Narrated: Aws bin Aws
that the Messenger of Allah (saw) said: ‘The best of your days is Friday. On it Adam was created; on it shall be the Nafakhah, on it all creation will swoon. So send a great deal of blessing upon me on this day, for your blessing will be presented to me.’ A man said: "O Messenger of Allah! How will our blessing be presented to you when you have disintegrated?" He said: "Allah has forbidden the earth to consume the bodies of the Prophets."
Relevance: 2.206867218017578

Found In: Sahih Bukhari Chapter No: 28, Pilgrims Prevented from Completing the Pilgrimage
Hadith no: 44
Narrated: Abdur Rahman bin Abi Laila
(Reporting the speech of Kab bin Ujra) Allah's Apostle saw him (i.e. Kab) while the lice were falling on his face. He asked (him), "Have your lice troubled you?" He replied in the affirmative. So, he ordered him to get his head shaved while he was at Al-Hudaibiya. At that time they were not permitted to finish their Ihram, and were still hoping to enter Mecca. So, Allah revealed the verses of Al-Fidya. Allah's Apostle ordered him to feed six poor persons with one Faraq of food or to slaughter one sheep (as a sacrifice) or to fast for three days.
Relevance: 2.205296516418457

Found In: Sahih Bukhari Chapter No: 21, Prayer at Night (Tahajjud)
Hadith no: 288
Narrated: Qazaa Maula
(freed slave of) Ziyad: I heard Abu Said Al-khudri narrating four things from the Prophet and I appreciated them very much. He said, conveying the words of the Prophet. (1) "A woman should not go on a two day journey except with her husband or a Dhi-Mahram. (2) No fasting is permissible on two days: 'Id-ul-Fitr and 'Id-ul-Adha. (3) No prayer after two prayers, i.e. after the Fajr prayer till the sunrises and after the 'Asr prayer till the sun sets. (4) Do not prepare yourself for a journey except to three Mosques, i.e. Al-Masjid-AI-Haram, the Mosque of Aqsa (Jerusalem) and my Mosque."
Relevance: 2.2017180919647217

Found In: Sunan Ibn Majah Chapter No: 19, The Chapters on Pawning
Hadith no: 2485
Narrated: Ibn Abbas
that the Messenger of Allah (saw) said: "Every division that was allocated according to (the rules of) the Ignorance days, stands as it is, and every division that was allocated according to (the rules of) Islam, stands according to the rules of Islam." Hasan
Relevance: 2.194157838821411

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