Chapter no: 49, Gifts, The superiority of giving and extortion of hadees, hadis, hadith

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Hadith no: 751
Narrated / Authority Of: Abu Huraira
The Prophet (SAW) said, "O Muslim women! None of you should look down upon the gift sent by her she-neighbour even if it were the trotters of the sheep (fleshless part of legs)."

Hadith no: 752
Narrated / Authority Of: Urwa
Aisha said to me, "O my nephew! We used to see the crescent, and then the crescent and then the crescent in this way we saw three crescents in two months and no fire (for cooking) used to be made in the houses of Allah's Apostle (SAW). I said, "O my aunt! Then what use to sustain you?" Aisha said, "The two black things: dates and water, our neighbours from Ansar had some Manaih and they used to present Allah's Apostle (SAW) some of their milk and he used to make us drink."

Hadith no: 753
Narrated / Authority Of: Abu Huraira
The Prophet (SAW) said, "I shall accept the invitation even if I were invited to a meal of a sheep's trotter, and I shall accept the gift even if it were an arm or a trotter of a sheep."

Hadith no: 754
Narrated / Authority Of: Sahl
The Prophet (SAW) sent for a woman from the emigrants and she had a slave who was a carpenter. The Prophet (SAW) said to her "Order your slave to prepare the wood (pieces) for the pulpit." So, she ordered her slave who went and cut the wood from the tamarisk and prepared the pulpit, for the Prophet (SAW). When he finished the pulpit, the woman informed the Prophet (SAW) that it had been finished. The Prophet (SAW) asked her to send that pulpit to him, so they brought it. The Prophet (SAW) lifted it and placed it at the place in which you see now."

Hadith no: 755
Narrated / Authority Of: Abdullah bin Abu Qatada Al-Aslami
that his father said, "One day I was sitting with some of the Prophet (SAW)'s companions on the way to Makkah. Allah's Apostle (SAW) was ahead of us. All of my companions were in the state of Ihram while I was a non-Muhrim. They saw an onager while I was busy repairing my shoes, so they did not tell me about it but they wished I had seen it. By chance I looked up and saw it. So, I turned to the horse, saddled it and rode on it, forgetting to take the spear and the whip. I asked them if they could hand over to me the whip and the spear but they said, 'No, by Allah, we shall not help you in that in anyway.' I became angry and got down from the horse, picked up both the things and rode the horse again. I attacked the onager and slaughtered it, and brought it (after it had been dead). They took it (cooked some of it) and started eating it, but they doubted whether it was allowed for them to eat it or not, as they were in the state of Ihram. So, we proceeded and I hid with me one of its fore-legs. When we met Allah's Apostle (SAW) and asked him about the case, he asked, 'Do you have a portion of it with you?' I replied in the affirmative and gave him that fleshy fore-leg which he ate completely while he was in the state of Ihram."

Hadith no: 756
Narrated / Authority Of: Anas
Once Allah's Apostle (SAW) visited us in this house of ours and asked for something to drink. We milked one of our sheep and mixed it with water from this well of ours and gave it to him. Abu Bakr was sitting on his left side and Umar in front of him and a bedouin on his right side. When Allah's Apostle (SAW) finished, Umar said to Allah's Apostle (SAW) "Here is Abu Bakr." But Allah's Apostle (SAW) gave the remaining milk to the bedouin and said twice, "The (persons on the) right side! So, start from the right side." Anas added, "It is a Sunna (the Prophet (SAW)'s traditions)" and repeated it thrice.

Hadith no: 757
Narrated / Authority Of: Anas
We chased a rabbit at Marr-az-Zahran and the people ran after it but were exhausted. I overpowered and caught it, and gave it to Abu Talha who slaughtered it and sent its hip or two thighs to Allah's Apostle (SAW). (The narrator confirms that he sent two thighs). The Prophet (SAW) accepted that. (The sub-narrator asked Anas, "Did the Prophet (SAW); eat from it?" Anas replied, "He ate from it.")

Hadith no: 758
Narrated / Authority Of: As-Sab bin Jaththama
An onager was presented to Allah's Apostle (SAW) at the place called Al-Abwa or Waddan, but Allah's Apostle (SAW) rejected it. When the Prophet (SAW) noticed the signs of sorrow on the giver's face he said, "We have not rejected your gift, but we are in the state of Ihram." (i.e. if we were not in a state of Ihram we would have accepted your gift, Fath-al-Bari)

Hadith no: 759
Narrated / Authority Of: Aisha
The people used to look forward for the days of my (Aisha's) turn to send gifts to Allah's Apostle (SAW) in order to please him.

Hadith no: 760
Narrated / Authority Of: Ibn Abbas
My aunt Umm Hufaid, sent some dried yogurt (butter free), ghee (butter) and a mastigar (sand lizard) to the Prophet (SAW) as a gift. The Prophet (SAW) ate the dried yogurt and butter but left the mastigar because he disliked it. Ibn Abbas said, "The mastigar was eaten at the table of Allah's Apostle (SAW) and if it had been illegal to eat, it could not have been eaten at the table of Allah's Apostle (SAW)."

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