Weekly Sultaniyya Hadith Source Week No: 22

Prohibition of using others wealth

Hadith 28, Men who spend out the property of Allah without due right will go to the Fire on the Day of Judgement (Bukhari)


A: This narration is often used regarding those who have been made responsible over the wealth of others, and the weight of that trust upon them which means that they should not spend from that except what is required and necessary.

B: As mentioned by Imam Al-'Ayni, the word " يتخو ضون " indicates their plunging into the spending of the wealth, taking from it what is beyond their need in administering the trust, and this is what is blameworthy for those who have been made responsible over the wealth of others, either as guardians of the private wealth of orphans/ other needy people, or as rulers responsible for the public wealth.

C: It is this sense of accountability which led to leaders such as Umar bin al-Khattab (ra) being fearful over even the personal use of a candle purchased with the money of the state, as compared to the contemporary rulers all over the World who subjugate the resources of the people for their own personal benefit and pleasure while depriving the nation at large of basic services.

Hadith with commentary each week, taken from The Sixty Sultaniyya compiled by Abu Luqman Fathullah
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