Chapter no: 2, Salah (Prayers) hadees, hadis, hadith

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Hadith no: 442
Narrated / Authority Of: Aisha
that if the Prophet (SAW) did not pray at night being prevented from from that by sleep or drowsiness of the eyes then he prayed twelve rakat during the day. [ Muslim 749, Nisai 1785]

Hadith no: 443
Narrated / Authority Of: Abu Huraira
that Allah’s Messenger said, 'Allah, the Blessed and Exalted, comes down every night to the heaven of the earth when the first third of the night has passed away. He says: "I am the King. Who is it that will pray to Me that I may answer him? Who is it that will seek from Me that I may grant him? Who is it that will ask for My forgiveness that I may forgive him?" This ceases not till the brightness of dawn.' [Ahmed 7595, Bukhari 1145, Muslim 758, Abu Dawud 4314, Ibn e Majah 1366]

Hadith no: 444
Narrated / Authority Of: Abu Qatadah
that the Prophet (SAW) said to Sayyidina Abu Bakr (RA), “I passed by you and you were reciting (the Quran) and you had lowered your voice.” He said, “I let Him hear Whom I supplicated.” But, he said, “Raise (your voice) a little.” And, he said to Sayyidina Umar (RA) “I passed by you while you were reciting (the Quran), and you had raised your voice.” He said, “I was awakening the sleeping ones and chasing away the devil.” But he said, “Lower (your voice) a little.”

Hadith no: 445
Narrated / Authority Of: Aisha
that the Prophet stood one whole night with (reciting) a (single) verse of the Quran.

Hadith no: 446
Narrated / Authority Of: Abdullah ibn Abu Qays
having asked Sayyidah Aishah (RA) “Describe the Prophet’s (SAW) recital at night.” She said, “It was varied. Sometimes he made a soft recital in low tones and sometimes he let his voice be audible.” He (Abdullah) said, “All praise belongs to Allah who let there be ease in affairs.” [Ahmed 1437, Nisai 222]

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