Chapter no: 11, The Chapters on Marriage hadees, hadis, hadith

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Hadith no: 1974
Narrated / Authority Of: Aishah
"This Verse 'And making peace is better.' was revealed concerning a man who had been married to a woman for a long time, and she had given birth to his children and he wanted to exchange her (for a new wife). She agreed that he would stay with her (the new wife) and would not give her (the first wife) a share of his time. (i.e.) not spend the nights with her)."

Hadith no: 1975
Narrated / Authority Of: Abu Ruhm
"The Messenger of Allah (saw) said: 'One of the best kinds of intercession is interceding between two people concerning marriage."'

Hadith no: 1976
Narrated / Authority Of: Aishah
"Usamah stumbled at the threshold of the door and cut his face. The Messenger of Allah (saw) said: 'Remove the harm (the blood) from him,' but I was repulsed by that. He started to suck the blood and remove it from his face, then he said: 'If Usamah were a girl, I would have adorned him and dressed him until I married him off."'

Hadith no: 1977
Narrated / Authority Of: Ibn Abbas
the Prophet (saw) said: "The best of you is the one who is best to his wife, and I am the best of you to my wives."

Hadith no: 1978
Narrated / Authority Of: Abdullah bin Amr
the Messenger of Allah (saw) said: "The best of you are those who are best to their womenfolk."

Hadith no: 1979
Narrated / Authority Of: Aishah
"The Prophet (saw) raced with me and I beat him."

Hadith no: 1980
Narrated / Authority Of: Aishah
When the Messenger of Allah (saw) came to Al-Madinah, he had just married Safiyyah bint Huyai, and the women of the Ansar came and told us about that. My expression changed and I covered my face and went away. The Messenger of Allah (saw) looked at my eyes and recognized me. I turned away and walked quickly, but he caught up with me and put his arm around me and said: 'What did you see?' I said: 'Let me go, (I saw) a Jewish woman among other Jewish women.' "

Hadith no: 1981
Narrated / Authority Of: Urwah bin Zubair
that Aishah said: "I did not know until Zainab burst in on me without permission and she was angry. Then she said: 'O Messenger of Allah (saw), is it enough for you that the young daughter of Abu Bakr waves her hands in front of you?' Then she turned to me, but I ignored her until the Prophet (saw) said: 'You should say something to defend yourself.' So I turned on her, (and replied to her) until I saw that her mouth had become dry, and she did not say anything back to me. And I saw the Prophet (saw) with his face shining." (Hasan).

Hadith no: 1982
Narrated / Authority Of: Aishah
"I used to play with dolls when I was with the Messenger of Allah (saw), and he used to bring my friends to me to play with me."

Hadith no: 1983
Narrated / Authority Of: Abdullah bin Zamah
'The Prophet (saw) delivered a sermon then he made mention of women, and exhorted (the men) concerning them. Then he said: 'How long will one of you whip his wife like a slave, then lie with her at the end of the day?'

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